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Hybrid Ceramic Oven, Fully functional Box Mod Feature, Can be used with herb, wax, and liquids, 510 Thread compatible

The AURA  HYBRID Vaporizer is a brand new vaporizer/box mod! Its digital temperature control system with display provides precise control of this advanced pocket-sized aromatherapy device. It employs a high tech heating chamber for dry materials, oils and waxes (with include pod), and a 510 threaded power port for atomizers. Unlike other devices which cause materials to combust, destroying many of their elements, it produces only pure vapor, without many of the harmful chemical compounds produce by combustion.


True Vaporization/No Combustion

Free from combustion and no burning thanks to advanced aromatherapy baking technology

Full Range Temperature Settings

It has full range temperature adjustment between 104°F -500°F /40°C -260°C, which is suitable for most kinds of materials. Thanks to an advanced constant temperature control system, up to 5 minutes of uninterrupted operation is possible.

Fast Heating System

Heating time is less than 15 seconds, and an advanced sleep mode allows the unit to return to temperature in less than 10 seconds

High-Grade Ceramic Heating Chamber

A large ceramic chamber helps keep your material at full favor

Extremely Discreet and Portable Design

It measures only 1.65 x 0.85 x 4.33 in/4.2 x 2.15 x 11cm, easily pocketable for anywhere, anytime use.

Built-In Storage System, you can use the built-in storage compartment to store material pods for later use.

510 Port, Sub-Ohm compatible, down to ≥0.5Ω, Variable voltage between 3-8V, Variable Wattage between 2-30w.Atomizer pictures is not included and sold separately.

Rugged Enclosure

The body  is made from tough aluminum alloy and is anodized for color, not painted.


1 x Vaporizer 1500 mAh Battery
2 x Mouthpieces
1 x  Liquid/Waxy Chamber(Organic Cotton)
1 x Medium Pod
3 x Stainless Steel Screens
1 x Packing Tool and Dabber
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Warranty and Certificate of Authenticity
1 x User Manual              
1x Gift Box


1.Size: 110*21.8*41.8mm
2. Weight: 116g( single product)
3. Color:  black sliver


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